Young Minds Psychology

Young Minds Psychology is a specialist psychology service for children and adolescents. Services are aimed at promoting the emotional, social and behavioural development of young people. Early intervention services are also available for preschool aged children and their families who are encountering developmental conditions, such as an Autism Spectrum Disorder and Developmental Delay.

Young Minds Psychology offers individual counselling, parenting support, assessment and school consultation services for young people and their families.


When is Counselling useful?

A child or adolescent may need extra support when they are having difficulties functioning or coping at home or school. This may include difficulties with concentration and completing schoolwork, issues with peers or getting along with others, or coping with emotions.

Issues may impact on a young person’s ability to sleep, interact with others or take part in activities they previously enjoyed. Distress can present itself in a number of ways and it can often be a parent or teacher who first notices a young person’s difficulties.